Webinar Power Architecture and Cloud Flexibility

Webinar Power Architecture and Cloud Flexibility

Webinar, 29.10.2019

IBM PowerVC enables service providers to establish POWER-based cloud environments that combine two major benefits: enormous performance and unlimited flexibility. During our webinar, the IBM PowerVC product will be presented in an overview and it will be shown how easy it is to order and set up a virtual machine with the help of the product's cloud component.

Do you operate an IBM POWER environment but want to minimize your CAPEX costs? Are you faced with the decision of whether or not to give up your legacy IBM i systems, because you cannot find any experienced personnel?

IBM expert Stephen Lutz explain the IBM PowerVC solution which – together with the managed services of Comarch ICT – provides an ideal landscape for your business-critical applications.

Please note, webinar already took place at 29th October.

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